Detroit Lake 2017

Detroit Lake area is another one of my favorite places to go. It's still full of the Pacific Northwest beauty, even though each time we return is more and more crowded with visitors. We got away for a long weekend with friends and it was the needed re-charge.

The week prior I had a pre-cancerous mole removed and I was pretty limited on mobility. (Everything came back clear!)  I had to take it easy but it was still one of my favorite trips this summer. Thankfully we have awesome friends who are incredibly helpful & willing to do things with me that didn't require a ton of long difficult hikes. 

While we were eating lunch, Jon saw a photo in the local news paper that caught his attention. It was fourth of July weekend, so the photo was of their firework show from a lookout. We asked a few locals who claimed not to know where the lookout was - peaking Jon's curiosity even more. A few hours of driving around later and we found it. It was BREATHTAKING. If the locals were lying and trying to keep it a secret - we know why. Half the fun was the anticipation while exploring to find it, so I'm not posting the location either! :)