Leslie was born in IL while her parents were attending what would eventually be her alma mater - Olivet Nazarene University where she graduated with an Art degree. After college she moved to Nashville TN to continue living with her best friend and occupying coffee shops with the majority of her free time. She's not much for small talk but loves meaningful conversations and quality time. She's currently working as an Implementation specialist at NWEA in OR and is the one behind all The Beard Fairman's social media. 

Many people don't know that Jon is Canadian. He was born there to American parents and lived there until he was three years old, but he wears the Canadian badge proudly. Jon's childhood was split between Indiana and Pennsylvania where he was obsessed with amphibians until the love of music took over his life. He played in multiple bands and eventually started his own sound company. He transferred form Lancaster Bible College in PA down to Belmont University in TN for audio engineering. He currently works at Puppet in OR as the AV Systems Manager.

In 2016 Leslie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. You can read more about that journey here. 

We have been knocking out our debt, which originally was just shy of $200,000!  Click here to read more about our journey.